I am an old computer guy. My first exposure to computers was in the late sixties. I took Fortran and machine language courses in the early seventies where the programs were submitted on punch cards. You had to wait several days for your little program to come back, and invariably, there were errors the first times through. When you finally got your program to run it was a dorky little printout on green and white striped computer paper.

In the eighties I programmed with Basic. Hours and hours of programming to get simple things to work.

Times have changed. Second, third, fourth generation languages and so on made programming easier and more powerful.

Now everyone can use tools like WordPress and PHP to set up great, professional sites with relative ease. Open source communities work to provide free themes and plugins to customize our sites. Visual Basic and other rapid development tools let programmers use forms and other controls to develop robust applications in a small fraction of the time. It’s awesome and I, for one, am glad to see it.