How to Find Devices on Your Network

There are numerous ways to find the devices on your network from brute force DOS commands to utilities on your router to specialized freeware apps that do a handy job.

Brute Force: Hardest

At each computer, you can use:

ipconfig /all

to get the IP information at each computer and compile your own table.

Alternately, you can ping all the addresses in your subnet and see which ones ping.  An easier way is to use the following DOS command which pings all 255 addresses in a subnet and posts the result in a file called ipaddresses.txt in your documents folder.

FOR /L %i IN (1,1,254) DO ping -n 1 192.168.1.%i | FIND /i “Reply”>>c:\Users\<Your User Name>\documents\ipaddresses.txt

If your subnet is not 192.168.1.n then change the above line appropiately.

The text file will have all the IP addresses that were pinged successfully

Router Utilities: Easier:

You may be able to find the DHCP Clients table on your router.

Go to http:\\ (or the appropriate beginning of your subnet or specific address) and use your admin name and password to access your router’s administration.  On my Linksys WRT54GL go to the Status tab, then the “Local Network” subtab.  Click the DHCP Clients Table.

Up comes a table with client name and IP address among other things.

Specialized Apps: Easiest

There are numerous apps now that will scan your network and generate a report.  You can search Cnet for network utilities to see reviews on various products

One such application, Advanced IP Scanner, is a freeware app that reads your network and lists the devices by IP address and manufacturer as well as the name, if available.

And, although I haven’t used it, it has an option to shut down a device.  That gives you the potential to shut down users who try to take advantage of your WiFi network without your knowledge.


I downloaded Advanced IP Scanner from the program’s web site.  This app requires administrator priviledges so right click the download to run the setup app as an administrator.

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